I am a freelance translator, previously running my translation agency, MLS Translate, in Belgium, now located in South Africa.


I specialise in the translation of Scientific, Medical, Legal and Patent translations, as well as Technical, Financial, Commercial and a vast range of other general documents. Fast and reliable service and the punctual delivery of perfectly executed and well researched translations, are very important to me.


I have been translating for more than 20 years. Apart from extensive translation experience, I have nearly two decades’ experience as an Executive Personal Assistant (up to Government Ministerial Level), with a sound administrative background, including the preparation and translation of various reports and presentations – research, financial and commercial. I studied Environmental Management part-time at the University of South Africa. For various reasons, one being relocation to a different hemisphere, I never found the time to complete the final year – life and work got in the way, and as it was initially more intended to satisfy my constant craving for more knowledge, and I have since tapped into an unlimited source, I saw no need to do so either. I continue my quest to gain more, and unlimited knowledge, without the constraints of accepted doctrine. Life taught me to live and think out of the box. I have been a member of - since 2004.

As an added interest, I was a part-time area/regional manager for a well-known cosmetic company, Justine (now part of the AVON group), from 1981 to 1998. In between, I also owned and managed an Italian Restaurant and an Interior Decorating company. I kept dairy goats, even did my own milking and made my own cheeses, I have a special love and interest in cultivating cycads, especially encephalartos and stangeria species. My greatest passion however, is keeping and breeding alpacas. As I am interested in all aspects of fiber, and that includes processing, dyeing (and everything to do with colour), spinning and weaving, my strive is acquiring the best in genetics and working towards achieving the lowest microns, while achieving maximum fleece weights, and specifically to breed and promote the very scarce Suri. I also run a craft centre where we process and market the alpaca fiber. The intention is to add rare sheep and goat breeds in time, but at this stage, continental constraints seem to be an issue. Thanks to the reach of the internet, living and working on a game farm in Africa makes it possible to enjoy the best of all worlds. Combining doing everything I love... Translating, research, non-stop learning, peace and quiet, fresh air, all in a stress-free environment... It should come as no surprise that I have a special interest in Agriculture, Genetics and especially Veterinary science.


I am not easily pushed into a box, as can be seen from my wide range of interests, and I am considered a polymath by those who know me personally. I have yet to stumble on a subject that doesn't fit into my skills or interests. No challenge is too big, in fact I love a challenge, and to handle subjects where I have to delve deeper!


My rates are extremely favourable, and I am quite happy to negotiate a lower price for large-scaled projects, research or books. If you are in need of quality translations, reliability and guaranteed delivery, look no further!



Afrikaans      =>     English

English         =>     Afrikaans

Dutch           =>     English, Afrikaans

Flemish         =>     English, Afrikaans


Specialised services

I specialise in Earth and Life Sciences (Geology, Archaeology, Zoology, Botany, Biology, Biotechnology, Chemistry, and Biochemistry), Historical, Medical as well as Technical, Commercial, Legal and Patent translations and have many years of experience – not only in a translation specific environment, but in the actual practical fields too.


Assignments included work on diverse subjects, various types of scientific reports, general documents, medical research, informed consent forms, medical study-related documents, theses and papers ranging from pebble bed reactors in nuclear research to the SKA - square kilometre array telescope, space, history and pre-history, archaeological research at Mapungubwe and the Dzata ruins, climate change in all its aspects, geological research determining the extent of copper and silver belts in Africa, AIDS research, genetic manipulation and cloning of plants to genetic research on the gene pool of virtually extinct animals, tracking the origins of diamonds and ivory, EIA reports, nuclear reactor technical documentation, technical user manuals ranging from frigates, tanks, warfare, communication, as well as subjects I am not at liberty to disclose, to general office documentation, press releases on various subjects, investigations, building specifications, tender documentation, annual reports, arts & crafts, travelling, religion, gardening, sewing and embroidery, interior décor, even a book on Japanese Meiji art.


Confidentiality is not negotiable and will ALWAYS be guaranteed.


Continuous Professional Development

In order to stay abreast in the linguistics world, and to constantly improve my language skills, I keep close contacts with colleagues in the translation world and beyond, through my Linked In profile, and directly. I am also a member of an informal group of translators, working together to share experiences, ups and downs, issues, terminology, difficult customers and helping to settle claims on translation quality by proofreading each other’s translations with an open mind, offering constructive criticism where necessary.

I regularly attend conferences and discussions, both online and in person, and do research in related subjects whenever possible. In fact, most large translations and special projects require this approach. I have since translated hundreds of thousands of words, on a huge range of subjects.



My clients are spread around the globe, and include both the public and private sector. Many of which cannot be disclosed due to confidentiality constrains.

In the Public sector: the EU, government departments of Flanders, the Netherlands, Germany and South Africa, Vito, various Universities such as KUL, Brussels, UNISA, the CSIR, NRF, Museums (Art as well as Natural Science);

Private sector: Numerous Lawyers and Patent offices, Mines, Gas and oil exploration, Banks and Insurance companies (Fortis, Delta Lloyd, ING), Industrial companies such as Duracell, Hyundai, General Motors, Microsoft, and private individuals etc. 


Order confirmation
A confirmation and/or order number is required with every assignment. Upfront payment is required with new clients.



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